Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 19, 2015 - 400 Dozen Cookies, Pray for France, Construction Update

Hi Everyone, 

Please continue to pray for the citizens of France and the Christian churches there in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. Brad has carried on conversations over Facebook with several evangelical pastors in Paris who asked us to pray for them and their churches as they share grace and hope in this time of grief and confusion. Pray that God will open the eyes of the French people and, for that matter, the rest of the world, to the reality of sin and evil and their urgent need for the one true Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray that God will create in them a hunger for the gospel. Pray also that God will bring about a worldwide spiritual awakening among Muslims. I had read prior to the Paris attacks that many Muslims have been shocked and disgusted by the evil acts of ISIS and other radical Islamic group and have turned from Islam and embraced Christ. That's eternal good news in the midst of temporal bad news. 

Construction got a little wet this week. The rain stopped all exterior work yesterday and today, but we are still on schedule. The building pad will be completed next week, and work will begin on the foundation. Much is happening behind the scenes preparing for the commencement of interior demolition that is set to start on Monday. Our construction manager, Oliver Sperry Renovation, has done a great job each week preparing the building for Sunday activities and other ministry events. I'm confident they will do an equally outstanding job making the building ready for activities once demolition and interior construction begins.

Movies in the Park is coming up fast (Dec. 12) and we need 400 dozen cookies! That's right, 400 DOZEN! If the weather is good, we typically have 1500-2000 people at MITP. It's our biggest outreach event of the year. We not only need cookies; we need lots of volunteers to help with set up, take down, serving food and drinks, greeting, and more. To volunteer to bake cookies or work at the event, email Cathy Dangerfield. Begin praying now for beautiful weather!! That's by far the most critical part of MITP, and we have no control over it. Pray also that God will bless our preparation for the event and lead hundreds and hundreds of unchurched people to attend. 

We will wrap up our Acts study this Sunday by looking at how our response to adversity affects those around us. Read Acts 27-28 to prepare for the message.

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